Текст песни Thy Legions Come

My word will set this world aflame
Hail me!

War, war, war...
The earth trembles, beneath the all-conquering
Cloven hooves of the black horde for a thousand years,
The horde has been denied the throne
And the wings were taken from our lord
He was cast down, into the netherworld forever
But now it's time for us, to reclaim his realm
And bring this world into, eternal darkness

[Lucifer] lord of the east, gather your be winged legions of
The wind and prepare to defend our lord above the ground
[Satan] lord of the south, spread your infernal flames across
The land and gather your strength to fight for the throne

Oh, tyrannous master, bring hellish storm upon the celestial kingdom
Set the vault of heave, into flames

Set the legions free, open wide your gates let them strike the earth
With your wrathful hate let me see, your majestic kingdom
Rise before my eyes, the abode of the damned
Let the weak be hurled, into your eternal fire
To perish forever more

Listen to me my infernal legions oh, mighty hordes of night flying demons

Throughout the darkness thou shall ride
Join my warlords and fight the war with pride

[Leviathan] lord of the west, command your apocalyptic wave to
Break through the barrier of the weak
[Belial] lord of the north, make the earth strong for our legions and
Do not deny them to tread forbidden land